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Yeats's Legacies: Yeats Annual No. The admirable Yeats Annual Since the vade mecum of Yeats. Yeats and editor of Yeats This generously stuffed volume has much to appeal to the Yeats scholar: it is packed with new discoveries and crosses the fields of literary and textual criticism, biography and book history. Warwick Gould looks at Yeats as founding Senator in the new Free State, and his valiant struggle against the literary censorship law of with its present-day legacy of Irish anti-blasphemy law still presenting a constitutional challenge.

William H. John Kelly recovers a startling autobiographical short story by Maud Gonne. Eliot and his presence on the radio. Further details, including how to order back issues, can be found at:. Yeats, David Jones, and T. He is an historian working as an author and an independent television producer.

He specializes in radical characters from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the Decadence of the s. His Collaborations: Ninette de Valois and W.

The Women of Yeat's Severed Head Plays : Keening the Death of the Artist ? - Persée

Yeats appeared in Among his many books are William Butler Yeats , his edition of W. He is currently writing a book on T. Anita Feldman is a writer, editor, and lecturer at New York University, where she taught writing and literature for twenty-six years. She has also been a guest lecturer on Noh drama at Fordham University.

"The Second Coming" by William Butler Yeats

Before that, she was based in Tokyo for almost six years, as an editor for an English-language publisher, an art columnist for the English-language edition of the Mainichi newspaper, and a Tokyo correspondent for the American magazine Art News. Gilbert is the author and editor of twelve books, and many contributions to books and periodicals, on the Golden Dawn and its members.

Essays and Addresses by William Wynn Westcott One major earlier title, The Golden Dawn Companion , is currently being revised for a new edition. Dr Gilbert is now the editor of The Christian Parapsychologist , and has been a long-term contributor of scholarly articles on archives of occult materials to Yeats Annuals.

Yeats's Mask: Yeats Annual No. 19

Yeats: A Variorum Edition , rev. He has edited Yeats Annual for thirty years.

He taught English and Irish Literature at Oxford University from to , and has written extensively on nineteenth- and twentieth-century literature. Yeats , Vol.

His co-edition, with Ronald Schuchard, of Vol. His W. Yeats Chronology appeared in Grevel Lindop was formerly Professor of Romantic and Early Victorian Studies at the University of Manchester, and is now an independent writer and researcher. Stoddard Martin is a writer, lecturer, and publisher.

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He edited anthologies of Byron, Nietzsche, and D. He writes short fiction under the name Chip Martin.

Yeats’s Legacies

Emilie Morin is at the University of York, where she teaches modern British and Irish literature, theatre history, European modernism and the avant-garde. She has a particular interest in the history of radio broadcasting. Catherine E. Paul is Professor Emerita at Clemson University. With Margaret Mills Harper, she edited W. James Pethica teaches at Williams College, Massachusetts.

He is currently working on the authorized biography of Lady Gregory. She was awarded a Leverhulme Prize in to write a book on the theory, polemic, and practice of free verse from Wordsworth to the present. In fact, as this article on Yeats written at the beginning of research for the book begins to suggest, the equation between freedom and prosodic irregularity is not always as simple as it may seem.

She is co-editor of The Collected Letters of W. She is working with Warwick Gould on a complete revision of A. His work on modern and contemporary Irish literature has been published in various books and journals. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. This license allows you to share, copy, distribute and transmit the text; to adapt the text and to make commercial use of the text providing attribution is made to the author but not in any way that suggests that he endorses you or your use of the work. Attribution should include the following information:.

The book was published on 10 October , the same day as that firm issued his Reveries over Childhood and Youth , also with a Sturge Moore cover-design. When invited to review the 21st Yeats Annual , I agreed, but after a few pages, it was became a somewhat overwhelming task, in that one, could almost write a short novel about this terrific issue of the Yeats Annual. Each and every Yeats Annual is, indeed, a must read, if not obtain for your library, for any person with an interest in the life, and work, of William Butler Yeats.

Yeats Annual No 9

As wine improves with age, so does the work of Yeats, and those who write about him, improve our insights, as do scholars of Shakespear, Chaucer et al. She firmly rejected the violent tactics espoused by Christabel Pankhurst, her pacifism guiding her response to this issue. An unwise heckler asked her if she could cook a dinner, she replied that she could do that and also drive a four in hand, the most highly skilled form of carriage driving.

A photograph survives of her doing just that with Eva as her passenger. It was now clear to Constance that political activism was fun. She had driven a coach and four white horses in support of the campaign. Eva also helped a group of waitresses to form a union, which improved their working conditions. She also worked for several days at the pit brow in a mine, to establish what working conditions were for women in the mines. The progress towards suffrage stalled and Roper and Gore-Booth put their energies into an organisation which sought to reject sex difference called the Aethnic Union.

Both were aware that moves to protect women in employment on spurious health grounds often disguised a wish to bar women from a range of occupations. The move to block women from work as barmaids had been presented as an attempt to improve their moral health and physical well-being. And this had a popular element, the first woman to ride a bicycle in London, was greeted with a hail of bricks and stones.

She opens with a discussion of the delightful c photograph of Constance Gore-Booth entertaining Althea Gyles in her Chelsea studio, an enchanting tableau of female liberation, exiles from Ireland, now two bad girls from the Slade. Althea Gyles was also trying to make her way as an independent book designer.

Gyles was never a member, as R. Symbolism from the Rosicrucian Inner Order of the G. The nearest she got to the Order was her friendship with Yeats and a possible encounter with Moina Mathers, who was prepared to cast horoscopes for young women, if they thought that their lives were at a crisis. Both Gore-Booth sisters had an interest in spiritualism, shared by their entire family. Yeats, no mean astrologer, seems to have cast these horoscopes. Arrington sees in this activity an attempt to draw Constance into the Golden Dawn, but I think this unlikely.

This might be a man or a cause. She found the man in Paris. Casimir, who lived on an allowance from his landed family, separated from his wife in His wife and their second child died en route to her parents in what is now the Ukraine. Stanislaus was taken over by his grandmother. When Constance met Casimir at a fancy-dress party, he was effectively a single man. Much attention was given to the massive pearl necklace which Constance wore, as well as a diamond pendant, a gift from Lady Gore-Booth.

Their only daughter, Maeve was born at Lissadell in and later lived there with her grandmother and uncle and aunt. In Dublin he also moved away from a Russian identification to a Polish identity. This splitting of theatrical energies in a very small capital caused much ill-feeling. Yeats was understandably hostile. After all, one of the founders, Maud Gonne had campaigned in the West during a local famine wearing a sable coat, worth many thousands.

Irish Nationalists in Sinn Fein had little time for such campaigns, the implication being that women would perhaps get a vote when Ireland was liberated.