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Handbook of career development: international perspectives

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The systems theory framework: a conceptual and practical map for story telling in career counselling.

Creativity and constructivist career counselling. Qualitative career assessment. The rise of constructivist career counselling. Career development and systems theory: enhancing our understanding of career.

Context-resonant systems perspectives in career theory

Stead and M. Watson Ed. Bimrose, J. Women and career development. Watson, Mark and McMahon, Mary Adult career counselling: narratives of adaptability and resilience.

In Kobus Maree Ed. From the systems theory framework to my system of career influences with a black South African male. In Louis A. Busacca and Mark C.

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Rehfuss Ed. Watson, M. Telling stories of childhood career development. Children as storytellers: constructing identity through story. Crause, E. Career development learning in childhood: theory, research, policy, and practice. Methodological considerations. Voices of older women from Australia. Implications for career practice. Integrative structured interview process. An introduction to career assessment. My system of career influences. From narratives to action and a life design approach.

Liu, Jianwei and McMahon, Mary Structured mentoring: A career guidance activity for girls. Influences on career decisions. Using timelines in career counselling. McMahon, Mary and Watson, Mark Qualitative career assessment: future directions. Incorporating career assessment into career counselling. Making meaning of quantitative assessment in career counseling through a storytelling approach.

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In Gideon Arulmani , Anuradha J. Bakshi , Frederick T. Leong and A. Watts Ed. Older women's retrospective narratives of their work and learning pathways.

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Context-resonant systems perspectives in career theory. New trends in theory development in career psychology. Constructing career identity through systemic thinking. In Melinda Coetzee Ed. Older women's careers: Systemic perspectives. In Wendy Patton Ed. Qualitative career assessment in South Africa. Globalisation and career development: A challenging future. Career development in children.

Career Development Theory and Career Management Models | CERIC

Career development: 21st century global issues and challenges. Writing your first draft. Planning your thesis: systemic and personal issues. Kobus Maree Ed. Career counseling people of African ancestry.


In Elias Mpofu Ed. Career counselling: What's the story? The narrative of constructivism and career counseling. Constructivism and career counseling: Past, present and future.

Handbook of Career Development International Perspectives International and Cultural Psychology

Career counseling and story telling: Constructing a 21st narrative for practice. Organizzazioni Speciali. Creative approaches to gathering baseline information. Story telling: Moving from thin stories to thick and rich stories. Integration and identity issues: Response 1. Qualitative career assessment: A higher profile in the 21st century? In Athanasou, J. Life story counselling: Producing new identities in career counselling. Career counseling and metaphor. In Kerr Inkson Ed.