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The contributions address recent transformations within the field and new directions for research, pedagogy, and institutional cooperation. Contributions from the perspectives of history, anthropology, cultural studies, political theory, and libraries pose questions ranging from how a concern with postcolonial and feminist questions of identity might reorient the field to how anthropological work on civil society and Islam in Southeast Asia provides an opportunity for comparative political theorists to develop more sophisticated analytic approaches.


A vision common to all the contributors is the potential of area studies to produce knowledge outside a global academic framework that presumes the privilege and even hegemony of Euro-American academic trends and scholars. Laurie J. Sears is professor of history at the University of Washington.

Henchy, Ariel Heryanto, and Celia Lowe. Part One Southeast Asian Subjects 1.

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Sears 2. Part Two Collaborations, Collections, Disciplines 4. Henchy 6.

Knowing Southeast Asian Subjects —a nice postmodern play on words—is concerned primarily with how, whether, and to what extent anyone can be said to 'know' the region or perhaps anything else with what needs to be called pre-postmodern assurance. Sears is professor of history at the University of Washington, Seattle.

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Henchy, Ariel Heryanto, and Celia Lowe. Account Options Connexion.

Afficher l'e-book. Knowing Southeast Asian subjects. Laurie Jo Sears. University of Washington Press , 15 mai - pages.